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Microsoft, Google to file pro-Apple amicus briefs

Source: SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft and Google plan to file an amicus briefs in support of Apple, joining a growing list of companies and organizations backing the Cupertino company in its effort to resist an FBI request to create new code to break into its own products. Brad Smith, Microsoft's president, told Capitol Hill lawmakers Thursday that Microsoft…
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At CCNS we know that every client has unique technological needs. We provide a consultative approach to our service by getting to know more about your business purpose and goals; then custom designing solutions to meet those needs and enhance your company’s capabilities. Our support layer includes Network and PC support, Website and Email services for businesses. Our…
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Solar Flares Could Cripple Earth’s Tech Infrastructure

  In the middle of June 2011, a solar flare will likely go unnoticed by most people on Earth, but NASA says that might not be the case two years from now, when a peak in solar activity could cause trillions of dollars in damage to our high-tech infrastructure. The sun released a huge solar flare…
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SECURITY – Much more than just a word

Why Web Security is a Must The internet is fast becoming a necessity. The internet has proven to be essential in various tasks such as in schools, businesses and most especially in personal tasks like leisure activities and online shopping. There is wide spread usage of the internet in our generation today. However, internet usage…
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