IT Services

Information Technology Services

refers to the entirety of activities that are performed to plan, deliver, operate and control IT services offered to clients. It is thus concerned with the implementation of quality IT services that meet the needs of customers, and is performed by the IT service provider through an appropriate mix of people, process and information technology.


Robot and shieldThe degree of protection against danger, damage, loss, and crime. Security as a form of protection are structures and processes that provide or improve security as a condition. Cryptography has been around since Caesar Rules the Roman Empire and he developed the first type of code called Caesar Cipher in which he used to communicate with his generals as early as 49 BC.

Antivirus & Malware

In the past, PCs were mainly under threat from viruses and worms. The main purpose of these programs was to spread; however, some programs were also designed to cause damage to files and PCs. Such malicious software, or “malware”, could be described as ‘cyber vandalism’.


The anonymous, unsolicited bulk email – it is effectively the email equivalent of physical junk mail delivered through the post office.


A device or set of devices designed to permit or deny network transmissions based upon a set of rules and is frequently used to protect networks from unauthorized access while permitting legitimate communications to pass.


Physical security’s main goal, is to deter people/persons from your confidential information.

Wired & Wireless

Wireless security is the first line of defense in protecting your network from outside wireless intrusions.

PC & Hardware Repair


 Troubleshooting, servicing, and repairing a wide variety of hardware and software related computer issues and networking problems. Issues that typically require computer repair include failed hardware components, software bugs, driver incompatibilities, spyware and malware problems, network connectivity problems, operating system upgrades, and complete computer overhauls.

 Data Recovery

BackupThe process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally.



iStock_000013875627_LargeConsisting of two or more computers that are linked in order to share recourses (such as printers and CDs), exchange files, or allow electronic communications. The computers on a network may be linked through cables, telephone lines, radio waves, or satellites. It is important for your network to be up to date to ensure high speed, reliable performance.


Remote Services

iStock_000016741093_LargeRemote connections allow us as a business to serve our customers quicker in order to keep your flow of business moving.


Managed Services

iStock_000010911071_LargeMost computer service companies focus on one-time fixes. They look for one-time customers instead of long-term clients. What computer users want is for their computers to be running properly. With our managed services, we act as your go to techies for questions, maintenance and any form of repair. With a promise to you that we will always be there to fix the problem or even prevent it from happening in the first place.


iStock_000011394122_LargeRestoration of the original computer data if the information has been deleted or corrupt is easy if the system has been backed up regularly.



Synchronization is timekeeping which requires the coordination of events to operate a system in unison.


A remote, online, or managed backup service is a service that provides users with a system for the backup and storage of computer files.


Onsite backups are an essential tool for the 21st century business, being your first defense against computer hiccups.