Backup Services


BackupThe copying and archiving of computer data so it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event and additionally recover data from an earlier point in time.

File Synchronization

The process in which files are copied or updated in both directions, in 2 or more locations, keeping the locations identical to each other.


It's happened or probably will happen to all of us at some point or another. A virus or hard drive failure will occur, we'll spilled a drink on our laptop or drop our phone in water, like Murphy says, "what can go wrong, will go wrong." We all know a bit about backing up our systems but no one really knows how to do it right. Now You Know IT specializes in backing up your data correctly and consistently across multiple platforms. Did you know that there are different ways to backup database files (such as QuickBooks) than pictures or documents, and your Windows desktop is different from your MacBook Pro laptop and Android mobile phone. There are products and services that can only do so much and might leave you hanging. Let us educate and help you establish a backup plan that is simplistic and advanced. We can configure any size of solution(s), from home users to enterprise levels. Hybrid On and Offsite backups are a great design to ensure that little and BIG issues can be resolved quickly.

Did you know that Pixar's Toy Story 2â„¢ almost lost their data due to a fat finger type-o and would of had to restart some of the production if it were not for one person that made a basic home backup. Lets face it, we all make mistakes. There is no excuse for not backing up your data. Additionally, don't rely on yourself to do it manually. Trust, but verify your backups.

Me, myself, have accidentally destroyed data on a hard drive by getting distracted and incorrectly processing a command, once and only once! I've also lost 6 months of my family's pictures and videos around the holidays trusting one media and not performing multiple backups. My staff has done it to memory sticks, websites and emails. It's not a question of IF, but WHEN.

Now You Know IT is an authorized partner for such services as Carbonite, DropBox, Citrix ShareFile, Acronis and Mozy.