SECURITY – Much more than just a word

Why Web Security is a Must

The internet is fast becoming a necessity. The internet has proven to be essential in various tasks such as in schools, businesses and most especially in personal tasks like leisure activities and online shopping.

There is wide spread usage of the internet in our generation today. However, internet usage also poses a great risk in security.

When transacting online, it is important to have protection. Anti-virus software generally offers some protection; however, it is not enough.

Here are some points to take into consideration with regards to web security:

Internet Security

Internet security is a branch of computer security which aims to provide measures to protect the transfer of data over the internet.

The issue about web security has become a prevalent issue since the wide spread use of internet. People should be fully aware of the problems that may arise from the use of the internet and that they should take action in preventing these issues.

It’s extremely easy for a hacker to send a simple email requesting user accounts to carious banks and whatnot. Computer novices fall victim to these types of scams on a daily basis.

All it takes is one mistake online and all of your account info can become comprised creating a huge hassle for you and your family.

Most computer users simply aren’t aware of the types of scams that exist online.

Software such as Webwatcher is a good way to monitor the types of activities computer users are doing so that you can educate yourself and others of the risks.

Data Encryption

Encryption of data is one of the methods used to provide security and protect the data.

Encryption is a process wherein information is transformed using an algorithm that makes the information indecipherable to the populace except those who possess special knowledge.

The resulting data is called encrypted information where it can be deciphered using different methods.

Another way to provide web security is through the use of passwords. It is a secret series of characters that is used to authorize, verify identity and access information.

It provides protection from illegal access of information.

Passwords should be created in a fashion that unauthorized persons will not be able to guess it.

However, passwords can be easily stolen if hackers install some sort of keylogging software. It is important that you avoid using passwords on public unprotected computers for this reason.


Firewall also provides protection of data and security of the computers by creating check points and screening network traffic and blocking dangerous traffic.

It consists of gateways and filters that are unique from one firewall to another.

Approved traffics are the only ones allowed to pass through it thus ensuring safety and security of data and your computer whilst using the internet.

Firewalls, while somewhat secure, are not the absolute solution to web security. It is still vital that you’re monitoring computer usage so that you are aware of the actions that are occurring.

There are different methods to provide web security against viruses which are programs that replicates and infects files in the computer and the computer itself.

Examples of viruses are Tojan horse, malware, and worms among others which can be files that are downloaded from the internet.

One of the more popular ways to ensure security is through the use of Webwatcher as mentioned above. It is known for its internet security reputation and has proven to be successful in computer monitoring efforts that businesses and families need.

It offers the best and effective way in ensuring safe and secured browsing on the internet due to allowing said computer owner to see which actions are occurring.

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