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IT Business Support

We only focus on business so we can take care of your business better.


From Website, Email and Data we can host whatever you need.

Professional High End Backups

Different systems require different backups. You need the right fit.

Hardware Sales and Support

From design to installation, we take care of your Network, Server, PCs and peripherals hardware infrastructure and technology.

We Are Professional

Welcome To Our Business

At CCNS we know that every client has unique technological needs. We custom design solutions to meet those needs and enhance your company’s capabilities. Our professional support layer includes Network and PC support, Website and Email hosting for small businesses. Our unique approach is to not only know your computer network but to understand your business purpose, employees and customers. This allows us to provide thorough support and bring personal care that is too often unprovided in our industry.

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How We Work

We’re Innovators & Technology Experts

We might have a long name, but we also have a long history of helping individuals and businesses repair, maintain and upgrade the desktop, server and network systems.


Onsite and remote service that is knowledgeable, professional and top-notch

Custom setup

Customer contains the word Custom and we create and setup every client to be a custom setup or service for them.


We can host all of your needs from custom a website to custom email configuration and more.

What We Offer

Our Higher Quality and Professional Service

Our passion is to take care of people. We do that by making technology to work for you.

Business Support

Most computer service companies focus on one-time fixes. They look for one-time customers instead of long-term clients. What computer users and business owners want is for their computers to be running properly. With our managed services, we strive to detect and resolve before it becomes an issue.


Technology creators make Technology very complicated. We know that and understand how to make it all work. Making a single computer work on the network to making hundreds or thousands work is a big deal and a need to a business to do it right. 


Its not if, its when, your life and business will be threatened with a virus, hardware failure, human error, software issue, lightning, natural disaster or just a bad day. We assure that your data can be backed up by using the correct and custom design to your business. 

Email Hosting

Email is fairly easy with Gmail, but sometimes you need a few different configurations to your business using your domain. We have simple, complex and hybrid scenarios for your business needs. 

Website Hosting and Design

Websites are not easy for everyone to design, host, secure, backup, or make searchable. For us its easier. We have a lot of resources to assure your site is online, searchable and looks great. 


Security is a primary need these days and we secure by using Physical, Digital and Intellectual security. 

Custom Network and Technology Solutions for Business

We put the power of Technology at your fingertips. 

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