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Our Services

We take care of people through technology. This is just a glimpse of what we do.

Server & Workstation Support

Sales & Support for a variety of hardware, including: Server, PC, Laptop, Mac, Tablets and peripherals. ProCare Managed Services can take care of everyday issues and we have the capability to address most issues remotely.


Design, build, manage and support your business networking needs. From working with your ISP to connecting the last computer, it is the backbone to your business technology. This includes a core that can be managed and notify us before you have issues. ProCare Managed Services for your core network.


Individual Email accounts, large scale Exchange configurations, Distribution lists, Hybrid configurations and a way to access your business correspondence on every device. Email hosting and Office 365 software can easily be added to ProCare Managed services.



Not just AV and Firewalls for protection, but Managed Security. It is Different. The encryption virus, DDoS, Phishing and physical security are all serious threats. ProCare Managed Services enables you to be safer.


Backups are a vital part of technology and especially in Florida. Local, Sync, Off-Site to Baremetal – One or a hybrid of these backup technologies needs to be designed custom for your business. It needs to be ProCare Managed!

Website Hosting and Design

Web presence is key to obtaining new customers and clients. A website needs to be up on rankings with all search engines, connected to your social media accounts, appealing to  your clientele and contains content to keep them engauged. Another ProCare Managed Service.